I am an English to German and German to English translator based in Berlin, Germany. Prior to launching my freelance business at the beginning of 2014, I worked for almost 7 years as an in-house translator in Berlin, Germany. During that time, I was responsible for translating a diverse variety of texts in the fields of law, finances and economics, science and technology, literature, journalism, politics, IT, as well as architecture and urban planning, among others.
Even though, I am experienced with translating texts in all those fields, I am mainly focusing on translating legal, commercial and financial documents as well as certified translations of official documents, such as birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, wills, licenses and diplomas.

In July 2013, I became a court-certified translator for the German courts.

After spending a year (2001 -2002) abroad in the United Kingdom, I enrolled at the Institute for Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, where I obtained the degree of Diplomübersetzerin (equivalent to a Master of Arts in Translation Studies) for English and Spanish in 2007.

I am a member of the New England Translators Association.